Flight back to Singapore

I took the non-stop flight New York back to Singapore yesterday which has to be one of if not the longest in the world.   It took about 18 hours (the schedule is 18.5 hours).  I sat in what Singapore Airlines calls Executive Economy which is better than normal economy (bigger seat, bigger screen, food not bad) but nothing close to business class.  Bunch of empty seats… here are some pics
No one was sitting next to me.  I should have showed the recline.. but they go back a decent amount.
They have this thing set up in the back the whole flight.  The strawberries were very good.  They will also cook u up some cup-o-noodles on request.
The food was ok.  Much better than domestic USA first class… not as good as international business class.  The noodles were really good.
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1 Response to Flight back to Singapore

  1. Yang says:

    mmm, Singapore Airlines is said to be the best in the world. I wonder if your pictures could be those flight attendants in stead of food!^_^

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