16-0 Patriots

The Patriots played the Giants today in their last game of the season.  They won 38-35 becoming the 1st team since the 1972 Dolphins to go undefeated.  FYI, back then, there were only 14 games in the regular season.   I watched the game on my Slingbox here in Singapore (kick off was 9am) trying hard to recreate the good old American atmosphere I miss so much.  I had fried chicken, some sort of Japanese crackers (they are fat free), Cherry tomatoes (needed something organic), and beer. 


Some might say 9am is a litter early for beer…. but hey, like I always say, it is 12 o’clock somewhere. 




This is what sling box looks like on my 40” Samsung TV.  It looks pretty good and the sound comes out of the TV.  I can’t blow it up full screen tho because the picture gets too grainy.


This is after the go ahead score


When it was offical: First undefeated team since the Dolphins


Tom gets the post game interview


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