On To Boston: Taiwan Cafe

I use to eat here every week when I lived in Boston.  The place hasn’t changed a bit.  Xiao Qi, Wang Qiu Yu, and Robbie dined with me.
It snowed every day while I was in Boston… and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it or freezing my ass off.
Chou Dou Fu (臭豆腐)                                  Greenbeans 四季豆 
3 Cup Chicken 三杯雞
Seafood Hotpot 海鮮火鍋
Steamed dumplings 蒸餃    
Oyster Omlet 蠔煎
Wang Qiu Yu, Xiao Qi, and I
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1 Response to On To Boston: Taiwan Cafe

  1. Vicky 子媛 says:

    Oh, i miss 海之味!!! much better than the Taiwanese restaurants in Beijing

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