Red Sox in Japan

The Red Sox opened the 2008 season in Tokyo giving those of us doing time in Asia a once in a life time chance to see our home town ball club in a real game.  Needless to say… with the help of Hawaii classmate (Steve-o).. I got tickets and got my ass to Tokyo.
My coworker Tony took this pic at the airport.. Flight 804 to Tokyo left at 720am.
Next stop (right off the plane) was a quick dinner with Steve.  We went to a little Japanese joint under the subway tracks.  They had cheap beer.
 IMG_0936IMG_0943IMG_0944IMG_0934IMG_0935 IMG_3999

On the subway to Tokyo Dome
The sign above says.. "Don’t run on the field."  
Thanks Beer Girl
IMG_4047IMG_4050 IMG_4048IMG_4049
Hot dogs Japan style
Other food stuff at the game
The ride home proved pretty interesting.  My lovely friends convinced me to buy the child ticket from the ticket machine.  A then drunk me had to pay the difference from the ticket man when we got off.  I love having friends.
Please sir… im just a drunk gai jin.
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