Sunday Night Dinner

Big big big dinner tonight.   Main dish was 皇帝雞. Here is how I made it…
The brown stuff on the chicken are all the spices.
Then wrap up in plastic and then foil (im sure there is a more authentic way to do this.. anyone got pointers?).  This chicken was too big for my bamboo steamer so I had to use a big pan.
Tada…. 1.5 hours later.   It was really good.
Here are the other dishes from tonight:
I can’t figure out why my eggplant turned this dark purple almost brown color.  Maybe they were a tad old?  Before I cooked them they were much brighter. The dish still tasted good.  Salt & peper shirmp, and a light Malay chicken cury.  Can you believe I made all this? 
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1 Response to Sunday Night Dinner

  1. may says:

    Yes, it is incredible…..How come you never cooked here in Hawaii???

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