One of the more interesting aspects of life in South East Asia happens to be the fruit.  Of all the places I have been… SE Asia has the best selection and over all, pretty cheap.  I picked all this up in Malaysia today (except the Apples… those were flown in from somewhere else). I really need some help cutting these mangos.  Anyone care to show me?
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2 Responses to Fruit

  1. Ally says:

    i happen to know a good way to cut the mangos :)

  2. Kevalin says:

    This is how my mom does it:
    1. Place the mango flat on your palm
    2. Use a knife to peel off the skin (just the half that’s now visible)
    3. Run the knife through the mango (above its core) length-wise
    4. Cut the flesh into pieces (now you get half the mango done) and remove them to a plate
    5. Turn the skin side up and repeat the steps above

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