Obama Wins

I don’t write too much about politics, but, today I must make an exception.   Obama finally wrapped up the Democratic nomination last night (Weds morning in Asia), something that is really a milestone for America. The United States is one of freest and most open countries I have ever lived in…but, racism is still a big problem.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is either ignorant or too far removed from reality.  The fact that a black man now has a 50/50 chance to become the leader of the free world is a real accomplishment similar to the Emancipation Proclamation and Brown vs Board of Education.  I don’t know if he will win (although I hope he does) but by overcoming America’s racial barrier (not to mention that as a freshman senator he defeated one of the most powerful political families in US history) and making it to the head of the Democratic ticket, Mr. Obama has shown that anything is possible.  Americans everywhere should be proud of this.


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