Mt. Panti & the end of my blog for 2-3 weeks

I went hiking yesterday with Jie Hong & her friends in Kota Tingyi.  Mt. Panti is only about 600m high but the hike is pretty fun thru some very think tropical rainforest.  Everything was great until the rains came or I should i say, really came.  We made it to the top climbing up the last 100m in a trail that became more like a rushing stream of brown water.  While fun was had by all, my camera, passport, and 2 mobile phones bit the dust when my backpack decided to flood. Too bad.  I have posted the last few pictures I took below before my little canon met its end.  Notice how the sun is shining? Ironic.



I ordered a new camera from Amazon which my parents will send over to me on Thursday.  Why not just buy the new camera here you ask?  I went to Best Denki this morning and the comparable model here in Singapore costs about 2x what Amazon charges in America. Thanks Singapore.


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