Gunung Panti

Now that I have a camera again.. I really wanted to go back to Mt. Panti.  I left Singapore pretty early and aside from waiting inline on the Singapore side of the boarder, my first stop was buying breakfast.  I use to stop at this little stand every weekend last fall on my way to surf in Desaru.  The lady still remembers me.  I had my usual rice noodles and cakes.

 IMG_1801IMG_1803IMG_1804  IMG_1798IMG_1799IMG_1800


On the road to Mt. Panti.  This is outside of Kota Tingyi



Parked my car next to a small rainforest ranch.  Figure it is safer there.  Notice the stickers on the back.  Hawaii + libertarianism.  No other car with these in Singapore!



This papaya tree is at the start of the trail…almost ripe


Things are ptretty flat in the begining… you start going up after crossing this stream.


Random pictures on the way up


The last part is pretty steep.


At the top…


i met these locals kids at the top who went up with teacher.



Had lunch at the Carrefour. Indian chicken and chendol.  Oh, and 2 cups of lime juice.




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