Pizza Saturday

I was talking to my friend Robbie a few weeks ago when he mentioned to me how wonderful "grilled pizza" was.  "Grilled Pizza," I asked? Was this possible?  Sure enough, I did a google and making pizza on the bbq grill is the best thing since sliced bread…especially over here in Asia where no one has an oven in their house.  Thanks for the idea Roberto.
Dough prep.

After mixing… you make 4-6 balls which are then flattened into soon to be pizza.  Make sure you do this the night before.  Dough needs to rest before cooking.


IMG_1870 IMG_1872 

Some of the ingredients ready to go.

Tony came over to help and took these few pics of me getting ready to place the first pizza on the grill.
You basically cook this like a steak… one side first.. then flip. Then add toppings and done. Below is a picture of a pizza we just turned over. Brush a little olive oil on the grill and the pizza wont stick at all.
After flipping and toppings added.
This first finished pizza.  Almost and then all done.
Tony flipping the second pizza.

The second pizza had basil, spinach, sliced tomato, feta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Add a touch of vinegar at the end


Tony making the 3rd pizza which had 3 kinds of cheese and basil leaves.
Fourth and final had everything.
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One Response to Pizza Saturday

  1. YULIANA says:

    hi brian! it’s me Yuliana, ICMP. Arm’s friend from Indonesia. I saw your blog’s link from arm’s multiply. you are a good chef! all the pizza looks yummy….! :P—–

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