Toyota Prius

Oil costs and hybrid cars are in the news a lot these days so I decided to take a look at how much a new prius costs.  Take a looK:
Living here in Singapore, 23K doesn’t seem too expensive (my used Nissan Sunny cost 18K usd and it has a restricted driving hours too).  How much a new Prius cost in Singapore you ask?
Click the image to make it bigger.  The list cost is 91K SGD or 67K USD which includes a COE  (that means certificate of entitlement in Singaporean English).  The certificate of entitlement is just what other people call a title and costs about 15K SGD.  Not too bad huh? The car is only 2.9x more expensive than the US.  For cheap skates like me, you can skip the certificate of entitlement and get a red license plate.  Red is the best color in Chinese culture but in Singapore, a red license plate just means you can not drive Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm & Saturday 7am to 3pm without paying $20.  If you get a red license plate, your car will cost about 17K SGD less.  My Sunny has a red license plate and although the car is still about 30% more expensive than in most other places, the system works pretty well for me.  Anyways, back to the Prius, I came across this helpful article on Yahoo.  Guess owning one in the US is actually worth it when you factor in the resale values. (click on it to see the detail.  The green numbers at the bottom are the total costs to own)
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