Shadow…Goodbye my friend

Many of you know that I lost my job here in Singapore and haven’t been able to find a new one because of the financial mess.  As I get ready to return home, I have been selling the things I got while living here.  Today it was the motorcycle’s turn.  Really sad to see this go… the first new motorcycle (or car) I ever owned.  I’m usually a used bike person but because I couldn’t find a good used bike here…opted for a new one.  Big mistake.  I sold the bike today for 9K… about 45% less than what I paid for it 7 months ago.  It had 2,000 KM on the odometer.  I had been trying to sell it for weeks and had no more time.  Amazingly, even at a 45% loss… I can still buy the exact same bike new in the US when I get home.  Singapore is very expensive.  I really liked this bike…my second Shadow.

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One Response to Shadow…Goodbye my friend

  1. Vicky 子媛 says:

    Nice ride!!!!

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