Thanksgiving 2008: Cooking!

The big day finally arived.  I woke up around 8 and went a quick run before heading to the kitchen.
First thing was to get the stuffing ready.  Cooked up the rice a roni and roasted some chestnuts.
Once the rice is done… combine with toast, onions, eggs, seasoned salt and part of the turkey liver.  Then mix it up.  Seal up with some bread.
Next get the turkey ready.. and place the stuffing inside.
I usually bake my turkey breast side down for 3/4 of the time to prevent it from drying out.  Sounds strage, but, this really works!  Put some seasoned salt and butter on the skin.  In it goes.

With the turkey in the oven, I started on the yams.  This is a new recipe.   Start off by softening the yams in the microwave for a few mins.  Then, combine them in a pot with:


-maple syrup

-brown sugar


-orange peal

-lemon peal

-OJ + lemon juice




Everything is slow cooked for 5-6 hours. Amazing!
Next, started working on the Okinawan purple sweet potato pie.  First, peal and then boil them until soft.
Then mash
Add butter, sugar, cream, eggs, salt, vanilla, milk.  Mix mix…  Add to pie crust.
45 Min@325′…. done!

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