I took up spear fishing a few months ago and it is a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, I am starting out with a 3 prong spear and the range is only about 2m.  Problem is that most smart (good tasting) fish start to swim away when you get within about 3m.  Eels and octopus are the exception.  I got these eels the other day.  The big ones (that I didn’t get) are almost 1.5m long!  I am a bit hesitant to spear them since I still don’t have health insurance.   As you can see, even these little guys have nice teeth.

After slicing them up (i decided not to post those pictures), I wrapped the filets in baccon.


Here is how is came out:

Dinner along with some kimchee tako.



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One Response to Eels

  1. weihong says:

    真恐怖 我讨厌一切像蛇的东西

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