Hike up Puu WaaWaa

I arrived on the Big Island yesterday and did my first hike today up Puu WaaWaa which is an old volcano on the Kona Coast.   Here is the GPS data:
This is Puu Waawaa from down near where I parked my car.  The whole area around the mtn is a rance with sheep and cows roaming around.  The mtn doesn’t look like much but top is 4012 feet or about 1222M.   Base elv. is about 2,000 feet or 611m so the hike climbs about 2K over 3.5 miles. 
The road up to the base is nothing special.
As I said this whole area is one big ranch. That is Mt. Kea in the distance. Notice the snow on top.  Snow in Hawaii!

That grassy bowl is the middle part of the volcano (or what is left of it).
Views from the top

Video at the top

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One Response to Hike up Puu WaaWaa

  1. Charlie says:

    Did this hike last week. Beautiful.

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