Saturday Hike

Went up to Olomana with Mayumi for a hike.  Last time I went to peak 3 but since she is a bit new to hiking only went to number 2 today.
Since I couldn’t get to peak 3 and needed some more exercise, I decided to do 160 pushups on top!  I did 5 sets of 20 on peak 2 (kinda hard to see but that is me in the yellow shirt right in front of that arrow)…

then 3 sets of 20 on peak 1.  These last sets were a bit awkward because there was not much room and I couldnt really get my body flat.  You can kinda see those rocks going right into my mid section.  Wonder if my Crossfit coaches would accept this an excuse?  Probably not.  Oh well.  The first 100 were good form.  Really!

Saw this cool passion fruit flower on the way down


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