China Trip Part IX: Guizhou-Kaili-Xi Jiang

On to Guizhou!  First real stop was 凱理.  Found these amazing 餅 on the street.  Best ones I’ve ever had in China.  Below is the green bean one.

Had dinner with an American guy and a Spanish girl.  酸湯魚 is famous in these parts. It is similar to Thai tom yum soup but in hot pot form.

Took the bus out to 西江。 This is a Miao village.

Quick street dinner with my foreign friends. Never seen this grilled potato anywhere else in China.  Pretty cool.  Kinda like mashed potatoes we have in the west but cooked on a grill.

My favorite Chinese characters are the "3 of a kind" so when I saw this sign I just loved it.

Needed a nice breakfast before my long bus ride to 從江. This beef noodle shop was great!

About to get on my bus and saw this wonderful sign. It says No Spitting.  Funny how Chinese people know they are not allowed to talk or write about politics but spitting all over the place is ok.   Thats my bus on the right.

Bus stopped for lunch at this little local restaurant. Great home-made food.

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