Work out of the day (x2)

Morning (4am!!!!): 11 Mile run from Sheung Wan to just outside of Aberdeen.  I should have gone longer but I whimped out on the hills. Next week I better get my fat ass over there. Took me approx 1h49m.  Here is the google map:




-deadlifts (205 lbs then reduced to 185 after 9 reps)
-handstand pushups
Time: 23:34.  Just terrible workout this afternoon.  I hurt my back 1 month ago doing this same workout and after 1 month of not doing deadlifts I thought it was ok to try again.  Wrong.  Ouch.  Lots of pain.  No deadlifts until X-mas!

Some cool pics from last month. 95 lb Barbell lunges. Note the pain on my face.

The rest are GHD situps.

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