Rehab Day 1

I’ve had a bad back for years and always managed to get by without too much trouble.  A few months ago, I started having hip pain which I assumed was due to all the running I was doing in preparation for the marathon.  The pain wasn’t terrible and always seemed to go away during my runs.  I now realize this hip pain had nothing to do with my hip and was actually coming from a bad disc in my back.  I ran the marathon in mid-december (did great) and was just starting to get back into my lifting/crossfit when I felt terrible pain in my lower back while doing some deadlifts.  My guess is that I was weaker than usual due to the marathon and those deadlifts (while nothing close to my max) were the straws that broke the camel’s back.  My MRI results will be back tomorrow but this is really just a formality.  The terrible sciatica i’ve had for the past few months is clearly from a herniated or bulging disc.  The only question is how bad the damage is.   The last few weeks have been awful.  I can barely move and am in terrible pain about half the time. 

Herniated discs are common injuries and the severity differs from person to person.  In my case, it is one of the worst possible injuries since my whole life is built around exercise, running, surfing, and being outside.  Treatments range from rest to physical therapy to surgery.  Rather than wait for the doctors, I have started my own official rehab program today.  It is so hard not to muscle my way through the pain and try to do my old workouts… but I know this is what I must do.

Rehab Day 1:  15min jog/walk on the treadmill.  I ran about 1km during this time.  Pain not terrible… I’d put it at a 1 on a scale of 1-10.  Same pain I get just standing around or walking to my car.   I also did 20 pushups.   

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