Paleo Ends!

I made it!  31 full days with no sugar, bread, rice, grain, pasta, beans, salt, dairy, or processed food of any kind!  Oh.. and worst of all NO BEER!  After 31 days I lost about 9 lbs which is good.   Interestingly enough what I missed most was vinegar, salt, and bbq sauce (has molasses and honey in it) and not things like ice cream.  The bad thing about the diet was my cholesterol went up a good deal (both the good one and the bad one) as I ate tons of eggs and meat.  Anyways, now that my 1 month strict paleo diet is over I am free to add some stuff back… but I don’t plan to go back to my old diet.

What to eat on the first night?  How about pulled pork!   I got this 10lb pork shoulder for only $12… what a deal!  First step is to use my dry rub overnight.

Next, bake in oven for 11 hours @275’f.  Yes, 11 hours! Here is what it looks like when done.

The meat should be so soft that you can remove the bone with your hands.  No knife needed.

The meat is nice and soft. Pull it apart.

Next I added my favorite bbq sauce. Oh how I missed this!

Toss in some sauteed onions.

All done!


And the BEST beer i’ve had in a long long time.

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