Workouts of the day



DB squat snatch (rx is 50lbs, i used 35)
row (calories)

time: 11:37.  I could have gone heavier for the db snatches… but the jump from 35 to 50 was too much.  Wish CFO had 40’s or 45’s.

Afternoon: 9.7k run. Time: 53m25s

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5 Responses to Workouts of the day

  1. Jonathan Kuiper says:

    Hey Brian! Deleted facebook due to work but will be checking your training status here. How are the legs feeling and have you done any tempo runs yet?

    • Feeling great. Did 25K last week and felt pretty good. What do you mean by tempo? Like sprint work? The general schedule is: monday 5.2k hill run, tuesday, weds, thurs, frididay 10K, sat rest and sunday long. Crossfit is in addition and 3x per week. This sunday in place of the long run I have a 10mile hill race. How are things?

      • Jonathan Kuiper says:

        Good luck on the ten mile hill race! That works better than a tempo run…meaning running at a faster then training pace. The idea is to get your body used to running faster, not sprinting, but faster over a longer distance.

        Things are busy with teaching full time, working on the grad school classes, and Jo and her daughter moved down to VA. So they are living with me which adds a whole new positive element to the mix.

  2. The hill race went well. You can see the result on the blog. Actually, I don’t put most of my running stuff on the blog… but use the dailymile. Do you use that? It has helped me a lot especially with pacing. I do do tempo workouts. For me, the tempo workout is my 5.4k or sometimes the 9.7k loop super fast. Actually, super fast for me would be a low 5min pace. I got under 5 once actually. My problem is that sometimes I get stuck at crosswalks or cars backing out of driveways which slow me down. I’m also not as fresh as I should be. I do about 8-9 workouts a week now. 3 of those are crossfit and the rest are runs. On the other hand, I am still improving so I guess the over training issue is at least somewhat ok.

    Do you mean Joanna from Swasey?

  3. Jonathan Kuiper says:

    Yes Joanne Dupre from Swasey.

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