Tantalus 10-10-10 10 Mile Hill Race

Ran in the Mid Pacific Running Club’s 10-10-10 10 Mile Tantalus Hill run this morning.  It took me about 54min to make it to the top and then 30min to get back down. I finished in 1h23m59s.   Number 40 out of 165 runners or the 76th percentile.   Going up was was pretty difficult and I was really chugging towards the summit but flew down the other side.  One or two people passed me going up, but, I passed about 5 people on the way down.   I was neck and neck with one other guy during the last 500m or so and both of us were in a dead sprint to the finish.  Lucky I had the inside track this time and unlike what happened in July,  I did not miss the finish today and finished 1 step ahead of him. Yay.

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4 Responses to Tantalus 10-10-10 10 Mile Hill Race

  1. Jonathan Kuiper says:

    Great job! Maybe you should think of doing a mountain marathon next.

  2. There is a really neat 36mile race from sea level to the the top of a 10,000 foot volcano in Maui each year. Maybe someday…

  3. That sounds like a difficult swim. btw, next race is a 30K at the end of the month. That will be my longest non-marathon run.

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