PF Chang’s 30K

They call this race a 30K, but, in reality it is 30.39K.  And when everything goes wrong, the extra 339m makes a big difference.  I felt really bad during most of this race: not enough sleep the night before, upset stomach, hip pain (which for me means lower back), shoes soaking wet, and a case of Curt Schilling bloody socks (blister on my ankle).  In short… I just didn’t feel good at all until near the end when I realized how fast I had been running.   I finished in 2h35m16s (unofficially) which is flying for me.  My goal was to be under 2h45m which I easily accomplished. Considering how crappy I felt and the fact that I did full workouts the entire week… I’m very happy with the result.   5m6s per km (8m12s miles) over 30.3k.   I’m hoping with a week of taper/rest and a few ibuprofen pre race I can get it under 5 and into the 4’s.   For comparison, last year I ran the first 30K of the Marathon in 2h59m… so I am running about 25min faster. One neat thing that did happen today: I ran into one of my few friends on the dailymile going up Diamond Head. Small world.

Finished #126/931.  86th Percentile. Yay.

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