Purple Sweet Potato Pie

One of the best things about living in Hawaii is the abundant supply of Okinawan Sweet Potatoes.  I made a pie with them a few years ago and decided to make it for my parents this thanksgiving.

This is what it looked like before going into the oven.  The potatoes dried out a bit on the trip over from Hawaii so I added a bit more milk than usual.  I also used an electronic mixer this which made the filling pretty fluffy.

Out of the oven



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2 Responses to Purple Sweet Potato Pie

  1. Is this a Hawaiian dish? Interesting…my husband is Hawaiian and I really want to surprise him one day and make a Hawaiian dish..I probably wouldn’t be able to find those potatoes anywhere, though…

  2. Hi Morgan,

    Yeah, it sort of is. These potatoes are actually from Okinawa but people here in Hawaii grow/eat a lot of them. I’ve never seen them anywhere else in the US, but, I have heard they do sometimes find their way into high end grocery stores. You might want to post a msg on your local yelp website and see if anyone has come across them. If you can’t find the potatoes… you could make him Hawaiian Beef Stew. It is a pretty simple recipe and you wont have any problems finding the ingredients.

    take a look:


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