How to watch Hulu and listen to US radio stations overseas

I moved here to Taipei a few days ago and just ran into my first big problem. I love Boston sports radio and it turns out that my favorite station doesn’t allow non-US ip addresses to stream live on the web.   Hulu and some other video sites do this as well.  When I tried to listen to the radio station I saw a screen like this:

What to do?  Did some googleing and found a little program called Hot Spot Shield.  Hot Spot Shield says it will change your IP to a US based one while it is running.

I installed it and everything now works. I can listen to my beloved Boston Sports Radio.  How nice.  The only draw back is that Hot Spot Shield does put some ads on the top of each page which can be seen in the screen shot below.  This isn’t the end of the world.  Turning the shield off removes the ads.  You can also close them by clicking on the small x in the ad. Maybe my friends in China can use this to get around the censorship firewall?

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