Finally Ran a Sub-4 Hour Marathon: 台南

This was my first non-Honolulu Marathon and I can’t believe how fast I ran.  Tried very hard to start slowly which paid big dividends at the end.  I didn’t have to walk at all until after the 35th km.  One bad thing was that the Police here frequently stop runners to allow cars to pass through intersections.  This happened to me twice and slowed me down.   Worse, the first time, stopping so abruptly cased my hamstring to tighten up forcing me to stop running and stretch it out.  Very ANNOYING.  But, all is well.  After 5 marathons in the 4 hour range I finally broke through to the 3’s.  My time today was 3h48m40s.  This is 28mins faster than my Marathon last month in Hawaii.  Not sure about my place because official results have not been posted yet.   As you can see from the picture below, the band-aid on my right side came off and causing the dreaded bloody nipple syndrome. Oh well.   Can’t win em all.

The last 10 meters with blood a-flowing.

Me after the 2011 Tainan Marathon (台南馬拉松) Jan 23, 2011

Official results:

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