First trip to Costco/好市多 in Taipei

I’ve been in Taipei for a few months now and finally decided it was time to check out Taipei.  If I had a car I would have gone a lot sooner but the 3 Costcos in the area are all off the subway and a pain to get to.   The one I visited in 中和 took me about 45mins to get to (and it is less than 5km from my dorm!).  I could have run over there in about 1/2 the time as opposed to the subway and then bus.

It looks remarkably the same as the Costcos I use to go to in Hawaii.  Ok, maybe a bit more crowded.  Prices on  most things were slightly higher than in the US.   I think this is due to the recent $ weakness as most things I bought in Hawaii seemed to convert to 30:1

Same Costco chicken!

They even have the same snack bar from the US.  HA… the $1.50 hotdog and coke exists in Taiwan.  Although, to be fair, 50 NT= $1.72 now.  14% higher than in the US.  Still cool to see this in Taiwan all the same.   A 熱狗 (that is hot dog in Chinese) costs 45 NT at 7-11 but that doesn’t include a drink.  I recall Ikea has them for 25 NT tho.

I did have to try the Taiwan version since I ate this so often in Hawaii.

I thought the hotdog itself tastes better in Hawaii, but the bun here was nicer. Guess that means it is a draw.

I did end up buying 3 things: a bottle of wine, some nuts, and a bottle of tobasco sauce.  I use to buy these same things in Hawaii.   All in all, I think Costco is a great store for someone like me in Taiwan.  Most of the things at American Costcos are available here for about the same price.  I guess the big exception is wine which in the US, is one of Costco’s biggest assets.  The selection here in Taiwan isn’t nearly as good and prices are higher.  On the other hand, the store here does have a bunch of Asian products (like jiao zi, steamed buns, sushi, etc) that is not available in the US.    Another big downer: transport. Taking  the subway (2 lines) and then a bus is no fun.  I need a car (or taxi) next time.

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