First (real) trip to a hot spring in Taiwan

Both of my shoulders where killing after yesterday’s run so much so that I could barely lift my arms above above parallel (to the ground).  My 文言文  teacher saw my poor condition this morning and recommended I go to  a 溫泉 and soak for awhile.  I’d been to 2 of these before but both were in the middle of no where and not developed at all.   This was the first time I went to a 溫泉 in a semi-populated area.

Bei tou is right on the subway line that goes by my school and it took about 30mins to get there.   Since it was just me, I went to the public 溫泉 and not the hotel variety. It is called 千禧湯 or  Millennium Hot Spring.  Entrance is only 40 NT (about $1.3 USD) which is pretty cheap.

This is what the main area looked like. There were about 4-5 different pools.  All of them had different temperatures.  It wasn’t a 5* resort or anything but clean and seemed well run.  The clientele was mostly senior citizens since this was a weekeday afternoon.  Everyone was friendly to me.

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