Amazing Malaysian Food in Inglewood

I was hungry this afternoon and missing real Asian food.   Took a look at yelp and noticed a little Malaysian restaurant in Inglewood that had some pretty good reviews.  Since I lived in Singapore for a few years and have never had good Malay food in the US… I decided to give this place a shot.

Here it was.  Pretty plane looking sign out front.

This part of Inglewood isn’t too bad. Better than where my hotel is.

Simple but clean inside.

Closeup of their picture board.  The food they serve is basically Malay/Indian.  I use to eat this stuff all the time in Singapore and Malaysia.   They even had Murtabak (Indian burrito) .

I got the food to go since I wanted to watch the Red Sox game.   I ordered biryani rice, 2 Nan, and this basil chicken the guy who took my order recommended.   I really wanted the chicken biryani lunch special by they were sold out.  They also threw in some of their homemade sambal (the sauce in the little dish that looks like salsa).  Sambal is a chili sauce served with just about everything in Malaysia.

The briyani rice was excellent.

As was the chicken.

Also picked up a bottle of hot sauce.

The food was really good at this place.  By far the most authentic malaysian food i’ve had outside of SE Asia.    They even make Laksa on the weekends which I will 100% be returning for.

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