Lake Dorthy Campout

I needed some fresh air and solitude and decided to drive up to the Mammoth/Yosmite area for some hiking/camping.

After leaving LA my first stop was Palmdale for breakfast.  I normally stop in Mohave but Chelly’s was worth the trip.


Below is my machaca breakfast.


Back on the road I noticed pretty quickly that there seemed to be a lot of snow on the Sierras.  Normally I see some during the summer/fall but I could tell there was more and it was also a lot farther than south than normal.  The pics here are outside of Lone Pine.

IMG_0269 IMG_0273

Arriving at Rock Creek Lake.  There was snow at the lake (~10K feet) so I knew my plans of making it up Mt. Morgan were in serious jeopardy.  It was also about 20-30 degrees colder up here than back in town. I set out anyways.


This is how the trail looked right out of the parking lot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Not impassable… but I knew it was only going to get worse.


Some places didn’t have much snow…




This picture explains why I didn’t make it up to Mt. Morgan.  The snow was pretty uniform and deep through this pine forest which was exactly where I needed to go… I had no idea what the conditions were like higher up on the Mtn but I would’ve had to camp somewhere in there first… no thanks.


Decided to head over to Lake Dorthy.  The last time I was here 2 years ago it was filled with water.  Looks like the drought is taking a toll.


I set up camp and enjoyed my afternoon tea.  That is Mt. Morgan in the distance.  Tons and tons of snow.  I would’ve come up from the slope on the right.  The view would’ve been a lot nicer up there but this wasn’t too bad.  Beats the LA urban jungle for sure… and not people to boot.


I did have a good dinner out here.  I tried freeze dried food for the first time ever and it wasn’t half bad considering I was all the way up in the back country.    Add some boiling water and wallah… instant fajitas.


Here is my bivy sack set up.  I had never used it before and it turned out to be a disaster once the temp fell below freezing.  After I fell asleep I awoke later on to find condensation all over the inside.  Since it was so cold I thought water was my enemy and slept outside.


In the morning there was frost over everything. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The frosty way back to the truck.


Few hours later I had breakfast back in Bishop.  I stop at this restaurant pretty much every time I’m up here.   Note how green everything is here.   Pretty amazing how different it was up in the Mtns where I camped up.


My western frittata.  It was alright.



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  1. Ray says:

    Yo Brian, nice pics and writeup. Have you read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild? It’s right up your alley. (Yes, this is Ray from Monterey Park.)

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