Race Times

In Chronological Order

9/24/2011 Malibu Dirt Dash 10.4K: 55m50s (PR for trail)
8/27/2011 Bull Dog 25K Mtn Race: 3h34m (not including 6+ hours of medical attention post race)
8/14/2011 Falmouth Road Race 7.1mile 58m50s
6/10/2011 Valley Crest 1/2 Marathon Trail Race 1:58:57
5/28/2011 Tough Topenga 10K Trail Race  59:53
5/15/2011 Santa Monica Classic 10K 47:19 (PR)
2/28/2011 Suangxi 1/2 Marathon: 2h02m12s
1/23/2011 Tainan Marathon: 3h48m42s (PR)
12/13/2010 Honolulu Marathon: 4h18m
many more races prior…but I am too lazy to look them all up. Ha

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