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Lake Dorthy Campout

I needed some fresh air and solitude and decided to drive up to the Mammoth/Yosmite area for some hiking/camping. After leaving LA my first stop was Palmdale for breakfast.  I normally stop in Mohave but Chelly’s was worth the trip. … Continue reading

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Epsom Salt Mine/Crystal Hills/Radio Tower

I’ve wanted to check out the Epsom Salt mines for sometime… but given its remote location never got the courage to drive all the way out there.  How far?  Well, as the crow flies it is about 60km (37 miles) … Continue reading

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Trip to the Confidence Wash & the Ibex Hills

Somehow the settings in my camera got screwed up and my pictures from this weekend’s hike into the Confidence Wash and up to the America mine are horrible.  Here a few pics that actually look ok.  Guess I have an … Continue reading

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Hike/Camp in Mojave

I haven’t been able to get out of LA (or any city for that matter) for several months so this weekend I decided to go camping/hiking in the desert.  As the roads in Death Valley are still out, I headed … Continue reading

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Zion & Hike Down the Narrows.

Darian and I setting off on our trip down the Narrows. Starting to get a little deeper. This is the upper Narrows. Wearing a trash bag to keep dry from the rain. Waterfall @ the upper portion of the Narrows. … Continue reading

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Saddlerock Mine

Sunday’s short hike was up to Saddlerock Mine.    This particular mine was one of the discoveries that led to the boom of Skiddo. The bottom of the old road heading up. As the road climbed views got better and … Continue reading

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Lemogne Canyon & Mining Camp

Lemogne Canyon is named after a famous French miner who use to work a mine west of Stovepipe Wells.   This is the turn off from the main highway. The road up is pretty rough. Actually.. it is one of the … Continue reading

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